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How Tall do you all grow your plants?

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It depends on how much height you have in your growroom.


If your growing to 1.2 metres, you will need another metre for your light and at that height I would suggest 1000 watts so the light gets to the lower branches.


You might be better off having more smaller plants and putting say a 600 watt light on a rail.


That way you save on volts, the lower buds get their share of lumins and the finish time should be shorted when you cut out a lot of veg time. :blink:


Only drawback on having more plants is if you get caught by the authorities. :wacko:

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My grow room is 7 ft high so the ideal height for my plants is around 4 ft (1.2m), this is because the pots take up 1 ft and I allow 2 ft for the for the 430w lights.



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