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Cloning hormone...

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Ever noticed that a lot of hormone additives contain bee's wax ?

Well AF of mine tells me he has been using a special non refined honey as a cloning jell for his clones and has met with a lot of success.


The stuff he uses is called Medihoney and it is produced by bees that collect pollen from tea tree plants which as we all know has medicinal properties.


Manufacturers Capilano have developed the product which they claim is having great success in treating conditions such as menigococcal septicaemia, eczema and burns.


Medihoney is produced from a particular type of honey, high potency anti-bacterial leptospermum honey, which until recently was largely ignored due to its lack of flavour and the difficulty of removing it from honey frames.


In recent trials, patients have reported positive results in the treatment of golden staph and eczema.


Medihoney is 100 percent honey and has been listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, allowing it to be used as a primary dressing in wound management.


Capilano says research has found that the antimicrobial component of the honey acts against wound-infecting bacteria, skin ulcers, infected sores, burns and even gangrene.


Medihoney is already being used in some hospitals and health-care clinics, so next time I cut a few clones, I'll give it a try but for any wounds that wont heal on my person, I'll stick to the old maggot remedy :D

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