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Family face court on cannabis charges

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A SELF-PROCLAIMED energy healer and her three sons, accused of cultivating a $2 million indoor hydroponic cannabis crop in Sydney's north, have had their case adjourned until November.


Gilla Mogilevsky and her sons, Uri, Roni and Aitan, were arrested in July after an anonymous tip-off.


Police allegedly found almost 1000 cannabis plants at three homes belonging to Gilla at St Ives, in Sydney's north.


Uri was arrested on the Gold Coast and extradited to Sydney, charged with cultivating a commercial supply of cannabis "by enhanced indoor means".


His mother and brothers face the same charge, as well as one count each of supplying and possessing cannabis.


Gilla Mogilevsky also is accused of cultivating a prohibited plant and dealing with $50,000, suspected of being the proceeds of crime.


The 53-year-old describes herself as an energy healer and devotee of Kabbalah, a religious mystical system of Judaism claiming an insight into divine nature.


She was released on $50,000 bail by the Supreme Court last month, but her sons remain in custody.


Uri, 26 appeared in Central Local Court today via videolink, while 23-year-old Roni and 24-year-old Aitan appeared briefly in the dock.


Prosecutors are still preparing the brief of evidence against the family, Magistrate Allan Moore was told.


He remanded the three brothers in custody and adjourned the case against all four family members to November 9.


Author:The Australian

Date:September 28, 2006

Source:The Australian

Copyright:© The Australian



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Cheerz Tom , That is indeed an interesting story ...

I wonder to what extent Cannabis is used for similar purposes in this country ...

I know a few "Natural Healers" , Some of them Condone MJ use , some of em don't ... hmmm


I do wonder if she is serious or It's just a good way to make money ... 1000 plants is no small number ... if that was the number.


I watched that Shamans of the Amazon again last night ... these people seem to really have insight and use these certain type of plants for this insight ...

But I am always sceptical of any City-goer healers or any self proclaimed healer for that matter ... But I don't disregard all of them either ...


Anyway ... The laws are ridiculous and ofc must change ... ;)


Till Then ... ;)


Budman :peace:

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Wow never heard of the whole family gettin done poor people seriously they weren't harming anyone and wether its for the energy healer or to make some money I don't see as a problem I have a problem with the way both the police and the court,govenment put judgement on you like your some god damn murderer. Unbelievable. :peace:
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BIZZARE.... ! :peace:


what nobody ever mentions in these busts is ..


who the informer is .. or how they got the tip off...

Policew acting on a tip off ) where from ?... & can they fabricate this evidence...


the point being ... do Police have to make known the source of their tip offs .. or can they just make up an excuse to go raid someoone because they thought they might be growing .. :peace:


& what about all the busts that break in on innocent folks.. they never mention those in the news...


Police bust church going granny ,, but found no Drugs , weapons or grow ops .. he he :peace:


anybody know how police get the tip offs ?

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