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:D I have several healthy plants just placed into flowering (today) as they are quite short they contain considerable foliage: about 65 * 50 centimetres. As I have read that pruning should be done at this stage (before flowering) I was wondering which and how much leaves to prune?

I have asked a friend who told me not to touch the plant, to let nature alone, but have read that pruning does improve yield. All comments and ideas ars welcome.


Also I have been pulling a plant over to increase it’s exposure to the HiD which has placed a branch directly into the shade of the main stem. The branch has not shown any signs of discomfort even though it’s growth has slowed. Should I prune this branch, also?

Any and all comments welcome.


From Kimba:)

Apprentice Gardener in Cyberland.


The world is but a playground.

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hi kimba....yes as mentioned by s.a u have left things a bit late but netheless if you grab each branch with thumb n forefinger and gently rub and with other hand u can bend the branch almost 90degonce u have done this and secured them therein there new postions leave them for 3days and go in and pinch every main tip that u bent and only the very tipsdepending on the strain u have approx 17-19 days of strtch left so the plant has time to recover and grow n double to 2 ...u will increase your yeild a bit but if you did this starting at the end of w1 right up till 1st wk of flower u can expect yeilds of up to 1lb@plant if your lighting is right so experiment with 1 c 4 your self ...cheers :blink:
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g'day; you do not need to prune any healthy leaf off plant, only remove yellow, diseased, or dead leaf.

pruning will not improve yield,imo.

leave branch if it is healthy.tieing plant over is good idea, it allows side branches to receive more light, it should give good yield.

you can take clone off top if you wanted to grow new mother plant,it is never too late if in veg.

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