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need advice


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my first grow is under a 400 watt hps and i have four babies one of them is doing fantastic but my question is im currently on 18/6 is these ok and when i want it to bud or veg im going to 12/12 does these sound already the strain is unknown and im using soil if these helps
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G'day BFG1, I"ve nearly finished my first indoor grow , my setup is much the same as yours but I have 3 babies and had my light on 16/8 (veg) only to save on my power bill then I went to 11 and a half hours on 12 and a half off , that gives me half an hour to check whats been going on with them before the light goes on , if your growing from seed watch out for male flowers , 2 of mine turned hermie but I picked off all the male flowers I could find and turned my inlet fan off but left my exhaust fan on so far Im very happy with what there doing I've also tried some off each and think it's some of the nicest smoke I've had for a while hopefully it can only get better.

Should be good .

:ph34r: Wacked.

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