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Dutch Pots?

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Hey crazychicken

I bought the pots ($15) each, pump $80, 60 litre nutrient tank on special or mis-priced $8 (Bunnings). The delivery and return pipes + parts for the stands were bought from a plumbing wholesaler and then cut to size to fit room


The reservoir part of the pots need a filter (expanded clay) placed over the exiting connection to prevent blockage. For my set up i find them easy and convenient to move from vege room to flowering room (no transplanting), but when used for the cloning, vege and flowering stages i found some of the root mass too great and some of the plants became root bound.


I would suggest that you could find a more economical and easier set up but for myself the dutch pots has its advantages.



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Greetings crazychicken. I'm new to the site but I've been using dutchpots for around 2 years now, not just for cannbis either, and I've been happy with the results. Boulder has a point when he says that the root mass tends to get a little big if grown from seed, but I've grown excellent clones in them and they worked well. I use a small amount of nylon flyscreen (cheap as at any hardware store, a meter lasts a long time) and then put this on the inner part of the drain tube. This is held firm with good cloth tape, the water-proof type. This keeps the drain tube clear when the roots finally discover the drain. I also use expanded clay as a medium, but I've used 7.5 cm grodan growool cubes as seed/clone starts, then transplanted these into the dutchpot when roots first start to leave the bottom of the cube. This removes any possibility of transplant shock. I bury the growool cubes halfway into the expanded clay, leaving the plastic on and cutting my own panda film cover for the upper surface.

This has never done me wrong, but I would most certainly suggest using clones rather than seed if growing more than one plant per dutchpot, with a max of 4 clones per pot. (preferable two on diagonal opposite).


Did that help?

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