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SpaceMonsta 8

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hey, i'm planning on growing in the next few weeks and i've never built a grow room before. I wouldn't mind raking in a couple Os from the whole thing and i've been doing research about homegrowing for about a week now(about 6 hours a day) so i have a fair bit of info. I don't know if i should try and build a grow room or buy the SpaceMonsta 8. I have a couple qs about this thing if anyone can answer them:

  • Is the any odor remover that comes with... if not where can i buy or or see a good link where i can make one(i checked overgrow.com, but that one is too big, one factor being that i don't have too much space)
    Is it a good system, and is the fan a good one
    Would i need anything else except "what comes in the box"?
    Could i use it inside anything, for example and empty computer tower(-> stealth)?

If anyone who has one of these, or knows a better one i can make or buy, it would be very cool(the only reason i'm considering this is because it comes with everything(light, nutes, fan, etc)


thanks crzc

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My whole grow room contents could be replaced for $600, you can see pictures of it and my mother/clone set-up scattered through the grow forums, there are also pictures and descriptions of other excellent grow rooms too. Check them out and feel free to ask questions about them, don't worry about asking so called "stupid questions", if you don't understand something then ask, that question can mean the difference between success and failure.


Computer case size grows will not make you self sufficient, wardrobes or even sheds can be set up for personal stealth grows, my first hydroponic set up was in an old dunny in the back yard of a place I was renting at the time.



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