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Satvia in a box

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Hi 1 an all,


So i'm 2 weeks into flowering (OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S A GIRL (grown from seed, only 1 of six to survive being dropped, left in a cupboard for 2 weeks, repotted god knows how many times, dropped again (fell out of pot repotted), stuck in a backpack for a couple days, and it's girl!!!) and all was going well until I saw these little black bugs (they could fly, and had a body that was sorta split into 2 bits, both the same size, could flex in most directions from the middle). I decided i didn't like these bugs very much (found them sittin on the new flowers) and sprayed them with Pryethum spray. Unfortunately i was stoned whilst all this went on, and after the initial rush of blood was gone from my head i found that i'd drenched the poor plant in this Pryethum spray, (foolishly, probably) i just left the plant like that, dripping with pryethum spray. A few days latter, i've noticed that the fan leaves, nearest the light have developed a brown "dry" splotch, just inside the outter edge of the leaf, only about 1mm deep into the leaf. Yesterday (day i noticed it) I sprayed the plant fairly thoroughly with plain water, hoping to reverse any damage I may have done, but today the brown spots seem to have gotten worse, moving onto the lower branches, even worse than that, is that it's also apparent on the FLOWERS :-(


What have I done??


And is there any hope of stopping it getting any worse??


Any help/advice/whatever GREATLY appreciated.


Just some extra info that may help, plant stands 60cm tall, is growin in a cupboard, and is *just* a bit to big for where it is, there's a small fan in there with it, on constantly to keep air flowing, and am usin 3 compact fluro lamps (rated at 2 x 20, 1 x 24 watts)

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