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Hi ozdazz,

I use an airo 5 from http://www.grow.com.au

It works great, Cant compare to other systems as this is all i've used.

You cant veg to long in these as the stem overgrows the pots and the roots block the drain holes.

I could have kicked myself after i bought it and seen how easy it would have been to build, All parts at gardening section from anywhere that has gardening supplies, The tubs i bought at bunnings.


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G'day ozdazz ,have used aeroponics with excellent results ,a system of our own contriving using a 200 litre res with an onga pump and impingment sprayers ,now using bubbling buckets and acheiving similar results ,have to admit the aero had incredible growth and had heaps of potential ,prone to probs with power outages is all ,otherwise the pic of the crop as it where (he he ),in the future intend to lean back to aero as it is a superior method ,the proof is in the puddin they say. we were using 80 litre tubs (pretty sure that was the size )and had two net pots in each tub ,used 8 tubs with a common return to the main res which had an excellent bubbling action for the returned nutrients
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