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little white mothy things....

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so.. what the fark are they and are they going to cause my grow any damage?


i had them last season too... and they just seemed to nest in the leaves - i couldnt see any damage from eating etc... just tiny little white flying thingos!


anyone able to actually understand my weird description and enlighten me?

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Guest Urbanhog

If you looked up in "Pest & Diseases" there's a posting by our Growing Guru, Tom he mentioned something of inscect strips/tapes or something..... I forgot, if you looked around, you will find it the information, dunno if it will help your current problem.


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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Haven't seen those since I lived in Vic 13 years back, from memory they weren’t much of a problem until the plants started flowering, Stonedas or some of the other growers will be able to tell you the best way to deal with these bugs, I'm a bit out of date on them.



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g'day; sounds like 'whitefly' to me, whitefly are actually tiny moths, they can (ithink) lay eggs in your grow medium, fly eats chlorophyll off leaf too (i think).

if you have buds in flower you will not like smoking fly that sticks to resin glands.

keep fans on 24/7, spray plants with mist of water daily, be wary of spraying if in flower, so you dont cause mould.most bugs hate windy moist conditions.

or use pyrethrum bug spray. NEVER spray plants with insecticide while lights are on, spray when lights off to avoid burning plant.

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Personal guide to pyrethrum and neem





Use upto 3rd week flower but need to remove plant from grow room heavily spray both sides of leaves.. leave to dry then spray again from the top with plain water. Occasionally when put straight back into grow the pyrethrum residue burns the leafs....respray once every 4 days for a week (3 sprays in total)..


for spidermites once every two days for 2 weeks


All pots need to be wrapped in cling wrap etc to stop pyrthrum entering the root zone as it is harmful...


neem oil


Basically the same as above but needs longer to dry as its more oily solution..No need to cover so can be done in grow... Can also be added into rootzone in pellet form to reduce the whitefly problem...if you cant find any pm me stonedas

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