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Mother Plant

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i have a few plants outside and one of which would prove to be an excellent mother. i'm planning my hydro grow but only planning as single grow room, with seperate clone/seedling facilities.

my question is would having an outdoor mother be as effective as an indoor mother to avoid seperate light cycles etc. the plant is nice fat and healthy and would love the full 18 hours of light a day i'm guessing.

thoughts and suggestions ?

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Have you considered using one big flower room or veg until your ready. Run the lights at night and move clones/seeds outside during the day. The mum could be moved between 12 hours hids and 12 fluro even.


A plant grown with sunlight and hids to extent photoperiod are super vigarous... theres something special in that big halide in the sky :huh:

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Guest Urbanhog

Just becareful to make sure the plants is free of pests, you don't want to bring them indoors and end up wiping your crop :D


I don't like bring stuff/plants from outdoors to indoors, but I guess thats me :huh:


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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I should have mentioned though that I do agree with Stonedas otherwise, plus the fact that the "big halide in the sky" costs nothing to run and is of course superior to any artificial light. To be quite honest, I am also too slack to move the plants in and out each day.



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