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Broken Branches

Guest Wacked

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G'day all , I accidently broke a branch on my female , so i trimed it to about 3 inches in tall diped it in rooting powder and put it in a 2 inch pot of soil and put it back under my light , but it's growing a little head and not much more I have my lights set on a 12 hour cycle as I've got 3 beutifull plants nearly ready for harvest .

what I need to know is can I turn the clone back to a veg state ? as I would like some more of this for my next crop .

thanks :ph34r: Wacked

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Well it's grown really well 3 new sets of leaves but the head is still growing with it I read some where that it won't be any good for flowering but it would be ok if it was cloned again has , does anyone no if this is true ? it's under a 18 watt fluro 24 hours .
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I'll put her under the hps as soon as the others have finished , it will be 12 weeks next wednesday this is the longest waiting period of the grow for me . :rolleyes:

I'll see if I can get a pic of this one to . thanks heaps .



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I've had it under a 18 watt tri-phousphor fluro and it's gowing quite well but it's new leaves don't have jaggered edges they and it's still growing resin glands on the centre stem I'll see what happens in the next 2 weeks as it's now under a 400 hps on 18/6 .

Wacked :)

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