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HPS 70w

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Well you will need atleast 10 watts per square foot to veg(grow).. Id advise to go for 20 but can go upto 40


So therefor


20 watts x (3.3x3.3 feet)10.89 = 217.8 watts


To flower you will want atleast 40 and upto 100 psf


40 watts x 10.89 =435.6 watts



Depending on the shade style and if aircooled or not will be how many you can handle. Id personally advise you to start with one 70 watt hps and as many fluro fixtures as you can get. As the plants come to maturity and start 12/12 add extra hps lights.


Theres no need to go all out to start just like anything you have to start small and work your way up.


Dont think a 70 watt hps will penetrate much more than 20-40 cm of heavy plant coverage... could possibly double/triple stack the lights in the centre and form a screen around the globes so the plants cant touch the globes. Alternatively turn the cupboard into a two shelf setup.... feel free to ask any qs stonedas

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