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Superbud or Rockjuice???


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I haven't heard of rockjuice but i have used superbud & it does stop stretching! But, and there is always a but, i don't like it. It will improve yield by 25% but trichrome production does not improve imo (and others support this on OG). Anyways, give it a try, i did, see what u think, just thought u migth like the info. As i said, i don't use, just tried it twice.


Ther are other brans on the market now, like this one


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The only suggestion I will give is to stick with a nute system and until you have a better feel for what you are doing don't mix different nute brands. So what I am basically saying is if you are using Canna nutes use the canna bloom booster, if you are using Dutch Master, use the Dutch Master bloom booster. This will reduce the chance of creating an imbalance in your system during flower.
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I used rockjuice at the same time a friend used superbud. yes . you do get nice solid buds but if you don't use silica, have good ventilation and low humidity you are likely to get BIG mould problems.


Also both have the effect of removing all the aromas in the growing room as well as the dried buds, so if you don't like your mull smelling like....er....nothing..don't use it.


It is questionable whether you will get an increase in yield, as the strain and light quality/wattage I believe are more of a factor.


Having said all that, personally I would not use it again (ps...wanna buy half a bottle..:)) and I flushed with RO water for 2 weeks




Good luck!

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Did you use it at the start of 12/12 or later?


A friend used it at the beginning and I used it 2.5 weeks into 12/12. I used it 1/2 strength for 20 days as the supplier suggested as against 10 days at normal strength that my mate used.

And we both got odourless buds using 2 different products, and also growing different strains.




Any other experiences out there to add?

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yeah, i had a noticable lack of odour wheen i used it


I used to add it 2 weeks into flower. There is a post on OG about a guy ho had 2 trays and used SB sraight into 12/12 and another at 2 weeks. Think he got more off the 2nd option


10 day cycle is for recirculating systems the other is for run to waste, so depends on ur system

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I just started the plant on Rockjuice lastnight, when it's finished, I'll tell you guys what it did.


Hopefully, I can increase my yield (the plant was shocked when it was being transported to me young) so it wont be that big of a yield..


see what happens.

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