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Back and ready to grow again

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Hey guys,


Been away for a few months, my mum passed away and was just looking after property, business etc.


Back in Melbourne now and ready to grow asap.


I have sold all my equipment before i went up there, so have to get it all again now. Looking at a bigger grow this time, same DWC style grow but maybe with 2 600W lights and a 400W light. Not sure on how many plants this time around though, but more than 4.


Will keep in touch as i rebuild from scratch.

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Glad to see you back, i missed ya. Sorry to hear about your Mum.


Good luck with the new grow, if you sold all your gear and are buying new gear why are you going for a 400, the 2 600's will do a great job, definitely more than 4 plants. I look forward to seeing how you go.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys, it's good to be back.


I actually have a 400w light kit still here, the rest like tubs, pots, nutes, heater, pumps are all gone. I sold the other 600W kit though, so going to set up 2 600W lights and because i have the 400W still here i might as well throw her into the mix,:baaasmiley:.


I am going to go out this week and start building a new grow room. Not sure on size, but will be a bit bigger than last two grows.

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Ok, I have figured out how i am going to grow this time around.


I have the old grow cabinet all setup, all is needed is the exhaust fan (250mm) and i can put the 400W light in.


What is was thinking was i could grow 2 plants in them while i am building my new grow cabinet. So no time is wasted. The new cabinet will be 2m (Width) x 2m (Length) x 1.8m (height). Fairly bigger this time around.


My only question is how many plants and what lighting should i go with?


So i will veg the babies in the 400W cabinet for maybe 3 weeks, untill i have the new cabinet setupo, then put them into the new one.




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Can i suggest you use the 400 you have and 1 600 in the new cabinet and put fluoro's in the old cabinet for veg.


This way you have a veg cabinet and a flower cabinet, with the 400 and 600 in the flower cabinet you will have a good amount of light. The only problem will be heat problems but with the fan you should be ok.


As to how many plants it depends on what you are using for the DWC tanks and how many you can fit in the box. If you are using the buckets one plant/bucket, if you are using the rectangular plastic tubs up to 4 plants/tub. I would go for 2 in a tub though It gives plenty of room for airflow and branching and roots (50cm square seems like tons of room for each plant) and without measuring i recon you could fit 4 tubs in that 2m x 2m space, which is 8 good sized plants and that should be heaps (don't forget to take a tape measure with you when you go buying stuff just to be sure). As far as the height goes 1.8m might be a squeeze with the lights at the top, the tubs at the bottom and the plants in the middle.

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Thanks Pickle!


I can change the height to 2m, I have started building yet, so these measurements were just to get the ball rolling and see how much room i have to play with. But 2x2x2 i think is enough.


I will be doing 2 plants per tub. Those rectangle ones from bunnings. Same as i used before.


The old cabinet is only 1.8(h) x 1.2(w) x 0.5(d) and it just fits one tub. So i was thinking just two vegging until the new one is up and running and maybe put them into the new cabinet, so i have all plants on veg, only the two i put in will be around 3 weeks into veg, would this be a problem?

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