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ok while you can just throw a seed on the ground water it and come back 3 months later its not advised i remember when i first started thinking of growing and the answer to all of your questions is it al depends on what you want to grow and how you want to grow it but heres your answers as best as i can give them



1. yeah you can germinate in pots


2.it depends on how big they are but plants need lots of water


3. as big as you let them ive seen pics of 20 foot tall plants but you can train them by tieing them down so they stay shorter theres a lot of diffrent way


4. while soil makes it taset better you wil have to worry about mold and pests that come in the soil id say a mixture soil perlited clayballs i just was a pure rockwool grow a few days ago that i gfound to be amazing since rockwool cubes have a high ph


but basically it all depends

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hahaha yeah well i have no idea what the strain is all i know is its outdoor, so im just gonna go to a nursery and ask for a potting mix with high nutrients and that drains well and im just gonna plant them and give them water like normal plants and see what happens.... so basically its just gonna be like a mini experiment.
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Baileys potting mixture is probably the best for MJ growing, it keeps coming up time and again from outdoor growers and indoor ones too as a good mix with good pH and nutrient levels for growing simply.


Yeah, watering is one of the things you can't give hard and fast rules for, but treat them like a normal plant and they should do well. Obviously small plants don't need as much water as large ones, and keep in mind that "As above, as below" in terms of root ball size and plant size, and you should do well.


Keep tranplanting down to a minimum, perhaps one or two potting up operations during the season, and they'll do well. The less you have to pot them on or replant them the better.


Start individual seeds in individual pots, and plant about 4 times as many seeds as you hope to have in your end harvest, the more seed you plant the more odds are that you'll get a female and a good one at that. Once you've got them going you can take cuttings and keep mother plants under fluoro lights indoors and have a never ending supply of mj plants. :)


Hope that helps, and good luck. Post some pictures if you have a digicam and we can help out with any other specific problems you may have as you go along. :baaasmiley:


The average outdoor plant grows anywhere from a couple of feet to perhaps 20 foot tall in some instances, although you can affect this with tying down and training and tipping. There are obvious advantages to having shorter plants which are stretched out over a wider space than one big bitching tall one which is easy to see from across the suburbs...

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yeah well im actually guerilla growing so yeah i hope they germinate.. hopefully yeah i can get some pics in.


And also if i were to plant some seeds now in North Queensland how long would they take to germinate in pots?

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