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Harvest time????

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Ok some of you may have been reading my grow diary...however I wanted to re-spark interest in people who may not bother with that topic anymore.


So here it is I'm in about my 5-6 weeks of flowering...

I'm just wondering what you guys think.

How soon should I harverst?

Should I start flushing now?

Do I really need to flush..I've heard both sides ( If you don't it will taste bad and give you headaches...and conversly that people who say that just do what others tell them and for best potency keep feeding them till the end) anyone with real experence boths ways out there? please.

I've posted with this a pic for some other dudes forum about when to harvest...everyone says get a 10x lupe but I'm very color blind and don't think I could tell the difference on my own (my girlfriend already has to read the pH scale for me, every time I check the water) are the hairs a good indication?

anyways I'm feeling like it is close but also don't want to short change my baby on her full potential. Ok here are the pics





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id start flushing straight away 3 or 4 days min 7 max, looks ripe by the hairs, probably give it 4 days flushing and harvest,

i think flushing is necesary, makes a cleaner tastyer smoke, but it depends on how much,many and type of chems as well as the medium for the length of flush,

i grow in clay balls and currently only use basic veg/flor nutes, so 4 days is fine for flush.

more complex mediums will take longer to flush, and theres all sorts of additives and boosters people use that need to be taken into account,

some of this is experience but you've got a nice looking smoke there so thats 3/4 of the job done, drying and curing slowly is important too.

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thanks guys....Tom...I'm going to try and re-veg this one after cutting back the root ball and 99% of bud...Then take clones and re bud the re-vegged plant and the clones...I just use dutch master flower A&B formula, and potash....nothing else...Next run I'm going organic I think...You know me I'm an Idealist
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