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Tis the Outdoor Season Soon

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Hi again all,


Well considering the outdoor season is encroaching soon I though I might start getting my green thumb into gear and try to grow a shrub or 2... (and ultimately save me some coin)


I've read all different posts from this site and OGrow, however hopefully someone can help with a few questions.



First up.. i've decided to give Durb a go... from reading up and speaking to some sth african friends.. this seems to be alright genes to try for a noob like myself. Ill just pretty much put them in seedling tray and see how they go with just plain potting mix from bunnings. (Any recommendations on potting mix?) Also I heard that it's good to make a brew from Blood and bone and to feed em that to give em the extra "kick". Ill keep them outside so they are used to outside conditions.


After that I'll transfer to 6 or 12 inch plastic pots.. not too sure what size? .. and fill with some decent potting mix. Now..again.. what mix should I use???? should it be just general potting mix or are there some recommended ones for the veg stage?? I hear there is some canadian product out there.. however haven't got too much info on it. Ill leave in pots until they are fairly strong... (approx 10-12 inches) Is it good to possibly throw blood and bone or some type of special mixture in this pots as well? and if so.. whats ratio?


Once they are transplanted they will go to big 20 litre holes in the ground with potting mixture in them... and again.. what type of potting mixture is recommended?... I wouldnt think it would be anything different... but if something different.. what would be recommended


Now when the transition from veg to flower occurs.. what should I do? should I add some nute mix to the equation? if so... what one and how much should i put? and of course when???


Another thing.. how moist should the soil be?? As in .. with the summer heat etc etc..


Also through the whole stage.. what should I keep the PH levels @?


i'm sure there are a few more question that will arise when I get the "oregano" going... (when the season starts) and I'll post as I progress.


Thanks and hopefully someone can shed some light with the shades of grey and help color them green for me :peace: :scratchin


I've got some ideas already but it would be good to hear some people ideas and recommendations




Peace! :yingyang


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from my experience potting mix wont hold moisture real well so i would not put it in the ground, unless water is no problem that is. Some landscape suppliers make there own soil mix's up and sell it in 20kg bags it has blood and bone, clay base soil and organic matter, good stuff. I just feed them as needed, in veg I use complete fertilizer charlie carp works well and sulphate of potash in flowering to help thicken them up. hope some of this can help.

cheers bushy.

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I was an out doors grower most of my life until i moved to Qld just over 5 years back now, the way i use to grow in the back yard to me mums and out in the scrub as well, when i was doing it the back yard i use to use a otto bin cut in half so i could move it around to get the sun all day and out in the scrup i wouls just dig a big kick ass hole, now what i use to use is (in the cut down bin and the ground) about 1-2 months befor growing time would come around id get a good potting mix and save some of my grass cuttings after mowing the lawn and mix it tougher and then i would go to a chook farm and ask em for any chooks that kicked it and get them and would place one dead chook in the bottom of the hole in the ground or the otto bin i cut down, over time i found that u dident need extrs ferts with the dead chook in the bottom of the hole it seems to give em every thing thay need and i have growen some kick ass plants doint it that way, and another thing i came across was because the chook takes a bit of time to brake down it seems to hold the mosture a lot longer in the soil, i hope this has help you out a little more...
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thanks guys!


anyone know a good place in SE Qld to get outdoor nutes???


Also with the blood and bone and even a dead chook.. won't that bring wildlife around???


Anyone know a good potting mix to use? for early veg.. say from sprout to about 12-14inches in height???


I remember Ferengi saying there is a place in Browns Plains and there is some canadian brand one can get.. but can't seem to find the post... ???


Cheers guys and thanks for the replies!




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Yes the dead chook and the blood and bone can bring unwanted gests to dine on ya plants, i use to do is get some chook wire and some stakes and paint them green to make the blend in more with the bush that will keep most of the nastys away from your girls, when it comes to potting mix IMO you get what you pay for so if pay a bit more for it it should be half decent mix...
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