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Saw Sin City the other day and thought it was great. It's a great update to the noir genre as well as all these disturbingly repetitive (even though I still love them) comic book movies, eg "The Fantastic Four." So if you want to to see something that is pure escapist entertainment with the smallest of footholds in reality, or you just like comic book style hyper-violence I'd recomend this movie.
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saw it the other day "thanks torrents", bit of an odd movie mostly black and white style took a bit too get into has about 5 storys in it, not bad when your into it, probably watch it again to better understand it,

thats the advantage of watching movies ripped, there just as good the second time around.

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castration :)


which scene was that? anyways i must be desensitised, i can't rember that much of the violence, saw it 2 wks ago, but i do rememebr the Big dude, mickey Rouke, he was wicked, the crazy wacked out 1st person narrative with all the stream of conciousness stuff was wicked.


And finally, probably some of the most original cinematography i've seen for a while, great sets etc


4.5 outta 5 from me :baaasmiley:

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