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DWC Bubbler Size

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well a bigger container means more space for more roots , which in turn leads to a larger plant , however it also means more veg time and more air needed pummped into the root system , both of those are only very minor issues but are still issues that you should adress with such a large container
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Im goining 80 L container with 4 plants, I'll let you know how I go, but from my reading here and on OG forums as long as Im supplying enough air,( and everything else they need ) they should be fine,


and a 80L container could hold more, but, it was suggested that seen as how Im a noob to all this, I stay on the safe side for the first few grows, Im taking that advice.

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Roots - mmm !


Well guys, the MJ plant does not require large (fat round or square )pots for root growth - hang on before you get huffy !


MJ requires a deep pot - very deep - ideally twice the depth that most people are using. That said i have grown MJ plants very happily in large 50-60 litre pots that have had a root mass that totally covered the collection pots entire base and around 30mm thick (looks much like a mat when removed).

The only real caution i have is that of keeping the drainback hole clear of the roots, it hasn't been a problem yet. My pots sit in the other with approximately 50mm gap form the bottom of the plant pot (with perlite in it) & the collector pot (collects returning nutrient mix then drains back to resavoir through piping systems).


I will photograph the rootball next time i pull my crop and post it up for you, i think it is quite interesting.

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