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thanks for all the help everyone

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Thanks everyone for all your help with getting and picking the right seeds. I didn't end up going with a shunk seed in the end couldn't find one that sounded good to me at right price. So i ended up with a sativa mix for the high and as a plus a got a free lot of blueberry seeds too which is the other end of high so i ended up with one lot of each kinds of high in a way so i am very happy cant wait for spring now.

Thanks for everyone words of wisdom you made a hard job lots easier and now its just wait and see and fingers crossed i get some nice females will you all posted once they are in and up and going as to how lucky i am at getting females.


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wow you guys are really on the ball thanks.. And yes i have a place all picked and i have all me plant food worked out i am going organic this year well i am going to try as i am growing in a lovely greenhouse i built with me hubby not that good at building to do it myself B). I have it all set up already and i also put plastic 3/4 of the way up the inside of the greenhouse to help make it a little more humid inside as pot does like that and with it being in greenhouse i will not have to worry so much about the bugs and stuff So organic looks good for me. So what you think Tom am i ready to go heehee.


Oh someone asked about the seeds i got well i got them off the net and thanks to everyone that showed me the way to get good seeds didn't think it would work at all but they got here as well as a free lot too very lucky there.


I ended up with A mixed Sativa for the kind of high you get and i got a free lot of blueberry as well. I am not sure at all how the blueberry will go as from what i could find out about them they are more the indoor type but i will give it a go might do just fine in greenhouse can only try.(ps would say where i got them from but not sure if i am aloud to do that in this post or not)


I read somewhere that there is this stuff you soak your seeds in that helps them turn female is this true or was someone pulling my leg again??

Thanks to everyone once again you have been so much help to me big time.. :thumbsup

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