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how long to sprout ?

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just got my 400w, trying to grow just some bagseed quickly before i purchase some Early Pearl from XPAT, anyone know if this strain is good ? it sounds allrite for my situion, yeild up to 400g, and 200-300cm in height. B)


anyway, i have 2 x 120mm fans setup, which qork very well, im not too sure on temps in there, but theres no way i couldnt have them fans running, it gets way to hot. :thumbdown


ok, well..


i got 5 seeds in jiffy pots, (5 seperate) around 10" from my light, out of curiosity today (3rd day lights on) one of the jiffy pots cracked, so i opened it a little to see if anything had happened, and the seed had opened, after this stage how long till it grows through the surface of the peat ?


how quickly do plants grow under a 400w on average?



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i got 5 seeds in jiffy pots, (5 seperate) around 10" from my light,
Move the light up to about 3 ft away from them, you're supposed to wait until the plants are harvested before you cook your mj. B) Really you would be better off using a compact fluorescent at this stage, the HID is a bit of overkill.


Seeds can take around 3 to 10 days to break the surface.



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And yeah, I'd definitely advise finding out the exact temps in there. You'll need a good quality fan capable of exhausting your entire growspace in volume within 5 minutes. There's no such thing as too much ventilation, except if you live in Europe. :P


Good luck mate, keep the lamp a good distance away whilst the plants are young, and consider a good quality fan for your next purchase, after a thermometer. ;)


Oh yeah, and 200-300cm? That's outdoors mate, although you could conceivably grow that height indoors, it wouldn't be advisable unless you were in a greenhouse with supplimental, rather than entirely artificial lighting... ;) You'll have to grow out your plants for a good 6 weeks under an 18/6 to 24/0 light cycle, so they can mature and sex themselves naturally. Forcing them to mature by turning light cycles down too early on seedlings simply results in tiny yeilds, and unhappy plants. You can keep the height under control by topping or tying down the branches, and taking clones of the better plants, (with appropriate ID if you don't know the sex of the plants when cloning). You can then use one of these clones for a mother, or simply maintain the seed plants as mothers and then flower out clones, after growing them vegetatively of course. From that point on you've got a never-ending line of potential plants. B)


And oh yeah, you can expect the plants to double in height from the end of the vegetative stage to the final harvest height. So leave yourself a good margin to ensure you don't overcrowd or overgrow your space.


Hope that helps, and once again, GOOD LUCK MATE! May the Force be with you. :P

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well, tonights the 4th night lights on, turns on at 5pm, off at 11am.


is it cheaper to have the lights on during the day or night ? :sly


yeh, i plan to have a big outdoor grow this year too, so i only plan to veg one big plant, take clones and veg them till about 30cm, and put them outdoors, and that'll still give them a good 5 months outdoors. :P


whats a good soilmixture for outdoors ? as im still sort of scattered all over the place. :scratchin


the little seed's i got going, what sort of soil should i put them in once they sprout ?


like a 60/40 perlite/verm mix?


i only want to grow thease to like 20cm, and then switch them to flower, and just grow them as testers. Because ive never grown before, so i dont want to stuff up my good seeds from XPAT.


Luke, i was on the xpat site, and all currency is in EUR, and it also doesnt tell you how many seeds you get.


thanks B)

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Xpat should be able to answer those q's for ya, and I think there'd be a currency conversion on there too.. But yeah, pm xpat or send an email and I'm sure you'll be answered... Most company's sell packs of 10 seed, but sometimes it's fifteen. That's for a basic pack mind, some will send many more than that, although this usually costs a lot more too.


Good soil mixes for outdoor growth include coco, or even cocoperlite, baileys is a good soil, but check out the outdoor fourms for some good advice on that.


60/40 per-ver is okay, perhaps even as low as 20/80 IMHO. But think about where they'll be planted in the future, you may want to just have them in the final mixture that you intend to plant out into, or into an intermediate mixture which can be used in conjuction with the finishing soil which will allow the roots to readily penetrate and use the nutrients there... All soil mixes have to be well drained. B)

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i went down and got some panda film and ducting for my grow room today, and i wasnt sure of which soil to buy, so im going to have to go back tomorrow.


this current grow im just having as a practice, just to grow them as much as i can before i get good seeds which i plan to put outdoors.


i have cleared the area that im going to grow, took my 6 hours to clear marrive fallen down tree's and huge prickel bushes.. B)


ill give xpat a email today, thanks for the info onn that..


anyways, imoff..


2 little seedlings have sprouted.. there so small.. :P


catch ya

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