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stage of lighting?

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i am a long time lurker, first time poster..i have just purchased a 400w metal halide, and it's all going well, though i am unsure at what stage to put my plant under the light. i think i know the right hight but don't know how old/big the plant should be..this is about the size of it now..also it's pot of gold from the flying dutchmen..any help would be greatly appreiciated. this forum has been a godsend. :thumbsup


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As far as i know you can you can start from scrach under your hid, you can place them under your hid now but place the plant a little bit away from it until it can get use to the 400w then drop your light down until u can hold your hand palm faceing down under the light at the top of the plant and if you can keep your hand there with out it getting to hot it is about the rite hight away from ya plant... Edited by ozmade
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I you have just put it under your hid have the light say about 2 foot above the plant for the 1st say 2 days to give it a chance to get use to it, because going strait from a cf to a hid can stress the plant a bit as the hid puts out a whole lot more light than the cf did and it a suddon change for the plant...
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