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  1. Cannabis News and Media

    1. Cannabis Hemp News

      Join the conversation and share your insights in our Cannabis Hemp News category. Our Australian and International Cannabis News sub-forums cover breaking news, legislative updates, and industry insights. Contribute to our community and stay informed!

    2. Off-Beat News

      Strange and unusual off-beat news collected by the cannabis community and our cannabis news bot.

    3. Stonertainment

      If you're interested in stoner entertainment, our Stonertainment sub-forum is the perfect place for you. From TV and movie reviews to book recommendations, this forum is where you can find all the latest news and discussions on your favorite entertainment topics.

    4. Cannabis Community News

      Cannabis community site news, competitions and updates

  2. Cannabis Cultivation Nursery

    1. General Cultivation Q&A

      General cannabis cultivation queries, information and discussions, growing techniques and propagation
    2. Cannabis Troubleshooting

      Information and discussions on cannabis diseases, pests and nutrient problems.
    3. Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

      Information and discussions specifically related to outdoor cannabis growing for both the northern and southern hemisphere
    4. Cannabis Harvesting and Refinement

      Information and discussions on harvesting, drying, storing and curing your cannabis heads, creating hashish, tinctures, cannabis oils extraction
    5. Cannabis Breeding Rooms

      Cannabis and hemp genetics, breeding information and discussions.
    6. Cannabis Grow Rooms

      Information and discussions on grow room construction, lighting, ventilation and security
    7. Gardening Technology

      Informational topics and discussions from our community sponsors regarding new gardening technology
    8. 2.9k
  3. Medical Cannabis Clinic

    1. Medical Cannabis

      Join discussions and share your knowledge and experiences related to using cannabis as medicine. From dosage rates to the best strains for specific medical conditions, our members engage in meaningful conversations on all aspects of medical cannabis use.

    2. Medical Cannabis Strain Guide

      Our Medical Cannabis Strain Guide is a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about different strains and their effects. Share your thoughts and experiences with the community and discover new strains that could benefit your medical cannabis needs.

    3. Cannabis Research

      A space for medical cannabis research, general projects, and studies. Engage in discussions, participate in polls, and read personal stories from other medical cannabis users. Our community is a welcoming and supportive place to connect with others and gain insights into the latest medical cannabis developments.

  4. Cannabis Law and Politics

    1. Australian Cannabis Law

      Information and discussions regarding Australian cannabis law of both recreational and medicinal cannabis.
    2. Cannabis Injustice

      Have you been a victim of cannabis prohibition? Then why not share your story of injustice with the cannabis community as your experience could help others.
    3. Australian Cannabis Politics and Activism

      Legalise cannabis in Australia and change the cannabis laws. Topics and discussions regarding Australian cannabis activism, politics and cannabis law reform. Help legalise cannabis Australia!
  5. Cannabis Café

    1. Green Eggs and Ham

      Cannabis cooking recipes and general topics and discussions on cooking with cannabis.
    2. Cannabis Paraphernalia

      Discussions, DIY questions and reviews on new and old cannabis paraphernalia.
    3. 98.1k
    4. Site Support and Community Feedback

      Having trouble with anything within the cannabis community or got any feedback and/or suggestions for us?
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      I really shouldn’t get too stoned before going grocery shopping 😂 

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      Almost 7:10 time for some dabs and concentrates 🥴
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      Some people are having issues receiving emails from the community... Working on it and almost resolved 🤞
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      Interim findings from global growers survey - can you pls help out?

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      Anyone delt with mediseed man?

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      Anyone delt with mediseed man?

  • Glog Comments

    • Forget ordering seeds from overseas seed banks. They will get confiscated, even Stealth mode, mine did in Sept 2021. International postage goes to Melbourne and they XRAY everything. Started  in 2020 when some wankers in Asia were sending differing seeds indiscriminately to people around the world
    • G'day!    I know I'm kind of reviving an old post here but I thought I'd share in case its still an issue or if there's anyone else thinking the same. I brought my Barneys Vanilla kush seeds through The Attitude seedbank. It was a bit exy at a bit under 100 bucks for 4 seeds but got a bonus HSO seeds Blue OG and Green Crack seed with the order. Plus they offer discreet shipping. The packaging was covert as fcuk and arrived without a hassle. so far the plants have all been a huge success. been cl
    • Cheers Dingo! Its good to finally get amongst it mate, been shy for too long now. Vanilla Kush... turned out to be such a fun strain to start off with the deep purple colours really make eyes pop haha.   All the best!   Jimgub
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