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I haven't seen any research to actually say that cannabis increases tumour growth. However, in the medical fraternity, and I've heard it said a number of times now that cannabis can increase tumour growth. To my knowledge I haven't seen any studies that show that cannabis itself increases tumour growth. And not to say that it can't. You know, I think anything has a potential for doing stuff because it's...there are so many different factors. So I'm open to the fact that there is a possibility in some people that it could, but I've never seen the research to say that's the case. I would think that where this has come from is from recreational use with, like, tobacco versus looking at medicinal cannabis itself.
And I think that's where this misconception has come out and to me there's still this huge stigmatism around medicinal cannabis. And, you know, you talk to it and the first thing people go, "Oh, you know, getting high," and stuff like that, but that's not what medicinal cannabis is. Medicinal cannabis is a plant that's a drug that has specific actions and it needs to be addressed as such. And, you know, we need to lose this whole stigmatism of it being a recreational drug. You know, I've heard this one doctor, you know, put it to the same as, "Oh, it's just like ice and speed and ecstasy." It's completely different. And we need to really change the view of that, particularly in the medical fraternity. They already got a number of different drugs that they actually use that are plants and this is...there's no difference.

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