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Blue OG and Vanilla Kush in bloom



GROWING MEDIUM/SOIL STRUCTURE: Coir with perlite vermiculate mix
NUTRIENT/FEED MIX: Professors nutrients (PN) a+b @ 25ml per 10l, PN flower booster, Canna Rhizotonic (intermittant), Mycobiome arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.
FEEDING CYCLE: Daily watering with nutrient mix at around 700ml per plant (VK a little less), flush every 2 weeks.
FLOOR SPACE: 800mmx800mm
AVG TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY: weather dependant, usually around 30-40% when light is on @ 28-30 degrees.
NUMBER OF PLANTS: 2, Blue OG and Vanilla Kush
HARVEST YIELD: Unknown, last lot with 2xVK yielded around 200g
left is Blue og, right VK
3 of the lovely Blue OG heads taking shape
Its been difficult to achieve my usual spread with the 2 different strains. normally the bushy VK spreads wall-to-wall by about week 3 of flowering but the blue OG being a more sativa style plant, keeping them all low and level has been a challenge. The Geoties have proved a handy invention especially this time round! The towel just covers my nutrient container to keep the light out. Both plants are on an old basket out of an old bar freezer sitting upside-down to circulate air under the pots. Intake is directed underneath the pots.
Beautiful, typical indica behaviour from the VK. I love the lush, thick leaves. Vanilla Kush is a gorgeous plant and the purple buds look truly alien when finished!
I use both SCROG net and Geoties to achieve the bend in the stem and to spread the heads. Keeps the pressure off the SCROG netting, allowing it to stay straight and spread the lighter branches more effectively


This grow has been an interesting one! It's been by first attempt at growing anything other than the VK and the Blue OG is a significantly different plant, leaning more towards Sativa-dominant in its appearance. Both plants have been topped only once and the Bluey has been accidently "supercropped" once as a result of going a bit too hard with the LST. I had never really considered supercropping in the past but stumbling on it by accident has been eye-opening. It seemed to thrive! Among all this, particularly at the beginning of their life I've been occupied with other things so they've had less attention than usual. I don't anticipate anything like the previous couple in yield but I consume far less these days so its not an issue. Although the last 3 weeks have been known to really fill out the girth of the heads in the past so who knows! Also, I'm thinking the Blue OG longs for more nitrogen, in the next few days I'll pick up some HyGen Nitro K and it should sort it out. Has anyone else had fun and games with OG strains lacking nitrogen before? I've got a good mate that has had the same issue with straight up OG Kush in the past, but was it an isolated issue? Open to ideas and we'll see how it plays out!


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