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Intro and some images from grows past and present



G'day! Thanks for jumping on my glog! I hope I get the idea of what this is all about right, it feels good to pen my thoughts in a place I feel I may be accepted by like minded folks! Here goes...


Just going to kick things off with a bit of background about what I've been up to grow-wise over the past few years and where I'm headed now. Like many folks do, 4 years ago or so I got jack of the repeated hustle of trying to find decent Ganj to support both my physical and mental health and acquired a small 800mm square by 1600mm high tent with some cheap accessories, a poxy LED grow light and minimal knowledge. Not much has changed really, as far as hardware goes. I still rock the same tent although now run a 400w HPS, bigger extraction and some pretty inventive cooling. Things kicked it up a notch when my beautiful girl brought me a great book, The Cannabis Grow Bible. It was then I started experimenting with cloning and I've been running off the same clones for a few years now and seem to have found a bit of a settled in groove.


First attempt was a very poorly purple haze which turns out was acquired from wish that we dubbed the Nyorple. (I found out a good month after planting that the seed was from wish.com) and an auto strain given to me by another mate. after a looooong 6 month cycle and a shitty end result, I bit the bullet and invested in some good genetics in the form of Vanilla Kush from barneys that came with a bonus Blue OG and Green Crack seed thanks to The Attitude seed bank. What a ride it has been since then! The next 3 grows all came from clones from the first mother and so far my biggest yield has been a couple g's under 8 bags from my little tent, that was a proud moment! :) Currently I have a Vanilla Kush and Blue OG in flower in the tent, the same in clones waiting for the next round. Blue OG, Vanilla Kush and white lightning clone mothers as well as White Lightning and Vanilla kush outdoors.


Since then, Myself and a good mate of mine Dr.Slick have created some amazing tasty buds, up there with some of the best we have seen around for the past couple of years. I don't like to blow my own trumpet too much but it finally dawned on us this year that its time to wake up to the fact that we seem to have a knack for growing some tasty weed! The compliments are a little overwhelming at times! Personally I think the main ingredient in growing good Ganja is love, which we have plenty of! Beyond that it comes down to open mindedness, feel and patients. There is nothing like sharing tasty fruits with the ones you love! I think that drive has a lot to do with the quality that has come from out tents over the last couple of years.


The last year or so has lead me to a new invention which I hope will take the home grown cannabis world by storm, although things are slow at the moment, I have faith that one day my family will be a part of the budding cannabis industry in Australia. The other passion I hope to follow is writing. I'm super-grateful to have found a place like OzStoners where I can start to write about my passions and our collective love for these beautiful plants.


I look forward to sharing more of what we get up to in coming months and years! Hope everyone likes what we have to share with the community and I look forward to many a convo, deep or not with anyone that wants to cave a chat!


Thanks for reading!




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Cheers Dingo! Its good to finally get amongst it mate, been shy for too long now. Vanilla Kush... turned out to be such a fun strain to start off with :) the deep purple colours really make eyes pop haha.


All the best!



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