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Meet the girl



Today id like to introduce you to the new lady.


She is about 4-5 weeks old and a clone. I have been holding her back (no water, small pot, etc) as the box was on the wrong light cycle to get her involved.


We are good to go now though. To repot her I first watered the new pot 48 hours before hand and left it to sit. I watered her 12 hours before repotting a heavy soaking. I then helped her move house and left her to it. No water once in the new home, everything is plenty wet already. blogentry-56620-0-33993300-1440939511_thumb.jpg


She is a clone, and I have some height limitations so I have tipper her so she has 4 main laterals. I have started to train her straight away. I need her wide and bushy, not tall. blogentry-56620-0-61007100-1440939544_thumb.jpg


Finally after a couple of days she has settled in and starting to show the benefits of a new home.blogentry-56620-0-47977900-1440939654_thumb.jpg




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Hey, I'm curious about the LED lights for growing. What type of LED? Are they special ones for growing, or could you make it from regular LED lights? Curious, as that would virtually eliminate the heat issue with other lights. What sort of environment do you have her in? New to reading about growing, and it seems complex!
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