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The setup





Have decided to share my experience with LED, specifically Mars Hydro 150w reflector. Before purchasing the unit I did alot of research online and couldn't find much meaningful info for these smaller units. Ive put a couple of grows through it already so I thought id try and journal my next grow for anyone out there considering their options.


The setup;

I've converted an old fridge into a grow box. I cut out the divide between the fridge/freezer cavity and cut out two 100mm holes in the side, one top, one bottom.


I have a 100mm exhaust fan connected up to a carbon filter extracting air out of the box. blogentry-56620-0-74183200-1439903026_thumb.jpg



1 x 150w Mars Hydro Reflector. Haven't put it over a meter, but its widely acknowledged the true draw is about 60-65watt in vege and 90-100watt in flower mode. In addition I have added a single light socket for a CFL, ive found it grows abit better with some more 'white' light in the box (Dont get me wrong the LED goes pretty well on its own). blogentry-56620-0-20305400-1439902978_thumb.jpg



For this grow im going to put in a single plant (clone). Ive tipped it already so I have a pretty flat plant with 4 main laterals. It's going into a 10 litre bucket that is 80% high quality potting mix, 20% perlite. Don't know the genetics.


The Gardner;

Have some gardening under my belt. Still learning with the LED. Interested in power conservation etc and getting most from minimal space and resources (power etc).



Semi regular, plan for one every two/three weeks life permitting


Questions? - Shoot.


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