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  • Here are some photos rom my SLR.
  • I did not have the fan sealed last night as I had no tape to seal it with. Even about 80cm away from the plants last night they began to droop quite badly which a friend recognised as the plants overheating. I bought a 30cm fan for $20.00 and hung it with a few lengths of string and I did it in such a way that I can lower and raise it without any fooling around untying knots. Plants have recovered to their normal state and have been fine for the last 4hrs under light (which I lowered to about 30cm above the plants). I will keep monitoring them for the next few hours to make sure they don't show signs of overheating and when I'm satisfied the exhaust fan, the 30cm ventillation fan and the bucket of water (for humidity) are working to keep the plants at a happy temperature, I will go to bed.
  • I have set a timer for the lights (still on an 18/24 schedule) which takes some work out of it.


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Thanks cap'n.


I noticed the need or a bucket of water for humidity ater spillage from the night beore had compeltely evaporated. I have set the fan to It's highest setting which seems to effectively cool the plants even at a short distance from the globe. Also, opening the flaps at the bottom of the tent will hopefully bring in some fresh air. Plus I have been led to beleive that the air flow over the plants helps to strengthen them as they grow.


I also added a layer of perlite to the top of the pots to aid in light reflection (I guess, I saw other people doing it and assumed that was the case. Or maybe to assist in moisture retention in the growing medium??).


After I ran out of things to tweak and moniter, I sat in the tent for a bit with a nice joint and talked to my girls for a bit which was brilliant!


Peace cap'n!

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Ha. watching the grass grow is awesome. :good:

Perlite on top of ya medium does both the things you mentioned. win win. on ya

And yeah, having ya fan blowing over the top of them will help them developed stronger stems and branching, plus pushing the heat away from ya cherished lil'uns :)

Prob a good idea to be blowing air in or sucking air out of ya tent to exchange the air within. plants suffocate without fresh carbondioxide rich air.

Keep at it matey.

Cap'n yNg

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Excellent! I'm thinking about 6 little computer fans secured over the 3 flaps at the bottom the tent sucking in will hopefully do the trick to get more fresh air in the tent. I will look for some inexpensive ways to increase carbon dioxide levels in the tent (spending time in there would help a little I assume seeing as I am exhaling some carbon dioxide with every breathe).


Thanks for all the tips cap'n, It does not go unappreciated!



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