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Two and a half weeks, or so.




So, over the last week and a half a few things have happened. I was intending to upload some better shots not under those PS1's because the purple in the spectrum wacks out the pictures, however, after the battery charger for my SLR arrived from good ol' Ebay, I realised I did not have a card reader and I was keen to update this glog so screw it.

  • I mentioned in the last one that I could not figure out why some were differing and colour and shape (a couple of them just look deformed). Well, I figured it out. The deformed ones are a different strain from the other two (which were bag seeds), my friend insists they are probably the Nightshade. those two are fine in terms of colour as they have benefited from the lesson I learned from the other two and my two babies who fell by the wayside. The strongest plant that had not gone yellow like it's partner, started to go that way the morning I checked on it after writing that post. I watered with ordinary water and they both continued to worsen. I read that you should not feed nutrients to your plants prior to them being two weeks old, however, upon reflection upon that piece of info I picked up, I realised that that may have been talking about plants in soil that already have some form of nutrients available to them in which case the plant would be two small to cope with the nutrients form the soil and the water. My seedlings are in rockwool and as such have no natural nutrients available (it is both embarrassing and a relief when the blindingly obvious smacks you in the face, though mostly just a releif). For this reason I threw together a batch of CANNA A&B at a 1.5ml/L ratio with 4ml/L of Rhizotonic. The next day I saw improvement, that is, they had not continued to worsen and the leaves had ceased to droop. the next day they actually looked good. still a little yellow but much better. After reaslising this, I took it up a notch. 4ml/L of Rhizotonic was the recommended dose and so I stuck with that. As for CANNA A&B the max recommended dose is 2.5ml/L so that's what I went with. They loved it. In a week and a half they went from terminally ill stalks with a couple of ragged leaves to recognisable cannabis plants. I am stoked. Not only can I revel in the saving of my plants but I also get to behold some gorgeous little plant that actually resemble my expectations.
  • I have also gotten rid of the lid of the humidity box, opened a flap in the roof of the tent and lowered the lights to about 5cm above the plant which they also seem to love.
  • I took note of the fact that some of the roots are being exposed to light so every time I water I pack Perlite around the base of the cubes to reduce light penetration to the roots.
  • When I take clones from these plants I will probably set up and automated drip feeding system. It just seems easier than manually watering the plants with a spray bottle, then again that bottle cost me about $1.42.
  • Another thing I have decided. These PS1 light systems probably arent the way to go. After reading a bit more and visiting my hydro shop I found some digital dimmable ballasts that I think would be more benneficial. I mean 400W compared to 24W, in my mind, should make a considerable difference in growth. It's all learning I guess and some of it I suppose I was only going to realise after doing things the wrong way. I thought If I read enough before I started that I would be fine, a kind fo happy delusion that words on a screen could equate to real world skill but just getting hands on and losing a couple of plants for the sake of curiosity and saving a few thanks to it has proved to be the most effective learning method.

On that note, a quote, "Curiosity is the very basis of education, and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly". - Arnold Edinborough


Also, If you are interested, keep a look out in the "Cannabis Injustice" forum for a post by me (BigBoyCricket) relating to a run-in I had with the fuzz one time. It will cover the mistakes I made in relation to not being as cautious as I usually am due to intoxication and being in a rush. As well as that, the precautions I take on a regular basis (and also the way in which I handled the situation specifically) that on this occasion ensured that a possession of Drug A did not turn into possession with intent to distribute, possession of Drug B, and, cultivation of a prohibited plant.


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