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  • Its been about a week now and I'm a little confused as to why some of the plants are developing in the way that they are. they have all received the same treatment and yet one plant grows healthily with all strong green leaves and a big white root structure, yet another has yellowing leaves and a small root structure comparitively (although it was always a bit slower, and another winth a browning root. I have been watering with ordinary water, no Rhizotonic, except for when i soaked the rockwool. (If someone could provide some insight into why the yellowing might be or the browning of the root may be. Overwatering?
  • I'm going to go out to the bush tomorrow and perhaps start preparing one of the spots i have in mind.
  • I need to find out when I can take clones from the plants I have and how long they will take to develop into plants strong enough to transplant to the outdoors. I will keep about 9 mothers in a 1.2 x 1,2 x 2.4m grow tent probably under either 1 x 1000W HPS light running off an old annalog ballast or, I might buy two new 600W Solistek ballasts and run a reliable 1200W system. that may even be excessive. perhaps just one 600W lamp. once i'm done with the mothering process I will flower them and reap a nice little indoor harvest, hopefully. at the same time i intend to plant a reasonable number of plants over about two patches, maybe three, outdoors.


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Dont panic BBC, some take quicker than others.

A few more non LED pics would be a help, its very hard to see the seedlings properly with the pink/purple hue. :)


I'm no expert but that seems like a lot of light for a group of mothers. unless you're planning to be taking a barrel load of cuttings every week!?


Keep at it matey


cap'n yNg

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Thanks capt.


You have reassured me a little (I still worry about my babies, can't help it). I will get some pics in natural light with my SLR.


Well I'm not sure how many cuttings I'll take really. Maybe 40 or so. I'll make my mind up on that once I've got a clearer notion of how much work will be required (should'nt be a problem with two of us) and what resources I have at my expense (just bought a 4WD which has made a bigger/more secretive location possible).


In terms of light, I wouldn't have a clue. I don't want to run much more than 1500W. I figure that would allow for 2 x 600w systems (including 10% heat loss so 1320W total power drawn - I think) plus a fan etc. That is the maximum I would set it up to. If less is adequate that suits me perfectly - smaller power bill, don't need to buy a second ballast. From what I have gathered so far, the more light, the bigger the plants. Plus I will eventually flower them when I'm done with taking cuttings, so I am open to suggestion from anyone wiser than I.


Thanks again capt.

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