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Week 4 + 5



Week 4

Day 23-28: The strawberry dream was eaten. :gun2: I woke up to an empty pot again and this was my only SD seed so I guess I won't find out if it survived it's pink spots or how it tastes. I planted another lemon haze auto to compensate and I'll be guarding it with my life. The lemon haze seems to be doing fine albeit growing a bit slow initially. Growth is really picking up, see pics for next week -->


Week 5

Day 29-35: Feeding the lemon haze with 1/4 strength seasol + powerfeed combined with 1/3 strength miracle gro-max feed for tomatoes. [3/4 spoon MG + 35ml seasol to 9L of water] Feeding once or twice a week, watering every 2-3 days. There are small white hairs on the lemon haze already, does this mean it's entered pre-flower? As far as I know it means it's definitely a female too. The newly planted Lemon Haze has sprouted and has it's first little leaves.


Going to buy another fence/barrier today to put around the plants. I'm still reeling from losing 2/3 plants but what can you do? I'll know for every future grow that pests are something to be very wary of outdoors.


These pics are from Day 32.

post-53690-0-89490700-1396140454_thumb.jpg post-53690-0-45577500-1396140489_thumb.jpg


Day 35:

blogentry-53690-0-16149800-1396146676_thumb.jpg blogentry-53690-0-43818200-1396146701_thumb.jpg blogentry-53690-0-47350600-1396146721_thumb.jpg blogentry-53690-0-91156100-1396146747_thumb.jpg blogentry-53690-0-49788200-1396146772_thumb.jpg


Link to thread: https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/65910-first-grow-auto-ultra-lemon-haze-strawberry-blue-dream/


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