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Week 3. Pink spots, searching for answers.



Week 3


Day 16-18: Auto plant is starting to grow faster than the strawberry dream, had an additional 2 leaves at this stage. Read that wind is good for making stems grow stronger so I placed them in a slightly windier area (up higher). An animal knocked over the strawberry blue, so I had to replant. Plant didn’t seem too affected but noticed some strange pink spots on it the day afterwards [see previous post]. I’m pretty sure these are unrelated though. However, I'm pretty concerned about these, some of the leaves are looking a bit deformed too. If anyone wants to try diagnose this, I'd really appreciate it.


Day 19-22: Started feeding them a very light feed. Made a solution of 9L water, ½ scoop of miracle grow (1/4 recommended doage), 50ml seasol +powerfeed. I fed the lemon haze and sprayed the strawberry blue with about 200ml from a spray bottle. On day 21 I noticed the pink on the strawberry blue. Anyway, I flipped a bit so I flushed it with about 500ml water (small pot still). The auto ultra lemon haze is looking healthy I think but I would rather not lose another plant. I should note, I also sprayed both plants with natural pyrethrins a day before feeding to keep away bugs and incase the black dots on the underside of the SD were spidermites.


I guess I will hold off on the feed for a week or two. Hoping that the auto takes off in that time and blows my mind. Would it be a good idea to transplant that strawberry dream now? Would it have a better chance of recovery in it's final pot?

Fingers crossed.


Auto Lemon Haze: Day 22: post-53690-0-40493200-1395027637_thumb.jpg post-53690-0-24738800-1395027655_thumb.jpg


Strawberry Blue Dream: Day 22: pink spots and strange growth: post-53690-0-53817300-1395027695_thumb.jpg post-53690-0-30540200-1395027712_thumb.jpg



Glog thoughts:

-need to diagnose these pink spots before it worsens. Guess was giving the plants nutes too early or some kind of heat stress/burning. Flushed the plant and waiting for it to respond. The leaves are growing differently and at strange angles compared to the lemon haze.

-looking forward to the auto booming soon

-might start another 2 plants if problems continue but we'll see

-Didn't think animals would be a serious problem, learnt the hard way- now had one plant eaten and one knocked over. KEEP PESTS AWAY FROM YOUR BUDS!


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