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ROUND 2 INDICA SPECIAL White Widow, Purple Kush, Mk Ultra, Chemo



Hey guys just thought i would throw a few pics up for you to have a look at not real detailed i know i hope to get some more in the morning as my battery was dead.

Image 001 has just been cropped and contrast and stuff autofixed The hairs on the RS have just gone fluro yellow/white looks cool i think (probly better in person).

Image 002 has the Mk Ultra clones 4 weeks in RS about same up the back

Image 003 is one of the Mk's starting to get frosty this is im about 90% sure is the OG Pheno (just reaks of Kush) rather than the G13 sativa dominate pheno.



Stats for MK ULTRA as follows


Leaf- 6.2cm Wide 19cm Long

Veg- 4 Weeks (plant was to be seeded)

Flower- Ready at 8 weeks pushed it to ten from fear of imature seeds best thing i could have done :)

Harvest- 60-70% Cloudy trich

Yield- 79 grams dryed and cured (only 4 weeks of veg longer with Scrog/DWC could easy go 2-3 times this.

Taste/Smell- Really strong 100% exhaust filter required. Extreme Kushy, piney,with some poo stink i cant seem to put my nostral on :P

High- as the stats suggest almost pure indica very stonned, not so much couchlock there maybe the G13 influence helps that, and very narcotic excellent for insomnia defenetly a night smoke but find myself sneaking a nugget into my wake and bake or pre lunch doobie.

Tolerance- Takes awhile i guess for it to build up alot better than some others ihave tried.




Well i think thats it let me know if i left anything out


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