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Turbo Klone Heat Fix





Since this is my first post i would like to start by giving some useful/usless information because im sure ill be on here pulling my hair out saying something has gone wrong AGAIN and i need HELP haha.


So let me start with the Turbo Klone itself its the 24D (with dome) paid $380 with discount yes F@#king expensive i know but i try to support Australian local small business and i dont drink or smoke so who cares i got it. Any way got it home super stoked i have only done about 9 clones and 5 died had them in rockwool on a seedling tray not ideal i know but being from a horticultural background im used to just taking a cutting and sticking it in the pot with soil, maybe just maybe use some rooting powder if its a nortoriously hard plant to propergate or hard wooded. Where was i yep got it home set it up about 5min very easy nice compact model its the moulded plastic puk holder is what your paying for i guess because its just a $15 pump from ebay really and some jet heads, was not that impressed to tell you the truth more on that later.

So its set up and i do what the good setup manual recommended i also read the 70 - 72F part but took little notice untill whabamm !!!! i decided to go downstairs and check how she doing ( only had clean tap water for the recommended flush) looked good no water leaking in the cupboard all is good happy as larry until i remembered about the manual saying optimal water temp for clones is 70 - 72 F there numbers not mine.

At this stage i had better state that i live in Nth Queensland and it gets hot all year particually now, anyway grabed my thermometer chucked it in the water and it was a stagering 33C nearly 94F this was simply not going to do not after paying the $380 so i jumped online and seems a few ppl have this problem (few) most where putting it on cold tiles,concrete, putting frozen water bottles in etc all this for a $380 unit your farking kidding so i set about trying to come up with my own idea's.

  1. I looked at the mounted fan to see if i could perhaps modify that, turns out there is much room for improvment if you look closely it only has a very small intake hole for the fan now the fan is there to provide extra airflow to the water to create more O2 absorption, so i thought why not drill a bigger hole and utilize some evapourtive cooling while im there ( no before and after temp verification but the end result speak for themselfs).
  2. I run a 14000 BTU Portable Air-con for my Flower Room and it got me thinking i have a spare Aqua one air pump why dont i put it in (the custom box rig for the front of the air-con for the ducting) and inject 16C cold air into the water via long air stone a. more O2 the better b. colder water right ? RIGHT.
  3. Pump size (larger the pump more heat it will produce) when i pulled it out of the box i thought geez its quite big for a 10L resivour and even on the LOW setting it was more than capable of spraying water in the intended fashion, so i did't have a spare smaller pump around or cash for a new one Two guess's Why but what i did have was a spare timer so i set it up to turn the pump OFF for 15min in every hour easy and by reducing the running time brings down the temps nik nik.

I got it all set up let it run overnight and through the hottest part of the day to get a good indicator and Bob's your uncle it came down to a workable 25C - 26C, 78F - 80F i was happy with that and with the smaller pump on the way it could possably come down another 1-2 C hopefuly.

Well that was a bit long winded but i did have some very clear sativa smoke before i started to waffle. And by the way the clones from left to right are

  1. White Widow
  2. Purple Kush
  3. Mk Ultra

Cheers Leeroy

" You Reap What You Sow "


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