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Chucked the seeds in this morning, might be a bit early but I reckon they'll be fine. Only concern is length of darkness at night, aug 22 we'll be down to 12 hrs between last light and first light, thinking I'll just chuck them under the patio light overnight then in the garden in the morning. What do you guys reckon?


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Hi Gorillagrowa, 


When getting the seed to first germinate, having light isn't a concern. The seed actually already contains enough energy to propel its first roots, stem and first leaves, and therefore seeds only need moisture. At the moment the days are still cold, so I would consider keeping the pots inside, somewhere dark. You don't want the seeds to be too cold, because they'll know that it's Winter, and refuse to come out! 


Once the first leaves have grown, they will need light. While they are still young plants, you can go ahead with your idea of the garden and the patio. Once they're a couple of weeks old and we're getting the Spring sun, they will be okay to leave outside. 


For growing plants outside, you have planted the seeds a bit early, but good luck. 

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Seeds are currently snugged up under my kitchen sink, I'm actually worried about them not vegging for long an budding straight out as spring is still two weeks away and we're only getting 11 hours of light, any chance of this happening? I have a 600w hps setup but I'd rather not use it
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Ah ok nice. Well the plants still have to reach a considerable size before budding, so I think it would be okay. If you'd rather be on the safe side though, I've read about people growing inside under lights for the first 5 weeks, and then outside for the rest of it, and having good results. I understand that you would prefer all natural sunlight, but maybe you could consider doing that. 

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hey mate like said at the start keep them warm. to help this try a reptile 55w globe as the plant doesn't build a toxin against  uvb until its about 3 weeks of age. I would do as said and keep them inside for the first three weeks and if you don't have a cloning room put them in a fairly big tray and put sticks around. then surround them with glad wrap and just leave enough to keep away from the light. this will also help them germinate. and will help with the humidity, then after the first three weeks they will be ready to go outside, as they have already had a uvb light on them they will have some strength to hold up against the straight sunlight. 

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