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getting started



got my seeds from bonza today, 6 fem big bangs. high yield and low height indica so I figure that's way to go for growing out bush. I've already prepped five sites in my local area, one plant per site. number six will stay home with me, will be grown the exact same way as the rest so i can use it to keep an eye on nute and water needs and such as i don't plan visiting them more than once a month.


2x2x2 ft holes dug and turned with some blood and bone and about 5kg of potting mix to help it out. water saving crystals will be added when the plants , go out (mucked around and 1/8 of a cup turned a ten litre bucket of water into jelly)? watering achieved by a 20lt container with a hose running to plant, 1/4 dripper on the end (turned off and it puts out 35ml an hr, good for three weeks). watering will be done monthly so i reckon with a 3lt flush plus what it gets overnight will be stored in the crystals to keep em going.


probly germinate at the end of august straight outside, till then


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