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Bong Market Suprise



A new brand of bongs is going to hit Australia by storm in 2011, all of which are glass on glass, affordable, and 5mm quality.

The manufacturer is also the leading maker of several major bong companies and is 'the' major exporter to Canada, the UK, Holland, and the USA.


The brand name has not been released as of yet and will be made public on the 5th of November 2010.


These will be available wholesale to any business which wishes to stock them.


They will be affordable at around the same price as most Agung models.

One of thel factories which manufactures them also manufactures many of the Agung products and hookahs.

The other manufactures direct for NearDark which supplies the largest range in Europe and the world.


....and if you are wondering No these are much better quality than weedstar.....


and the company will also be launching its own version of the 'illusion messiah' with stronger percs and parts.


More details to come.


The company is Australian owned.


blogentry-37212-1263820148_thumb.jpg blogentry-37212-1263823611_thumb.jpg



and yes I did have something to do with this and I have worked long and hard for these Items to arrive.


They are made overseas.... but before you pass judgement, most of you own a product that these factories already make.


They might not be ROOR, but there will now be better things than currently available here in Australia.


If you wish to make an enquiry into these products please make a comment. This is not advertising as this is not direct to the public and is wholesale only. I do not receive any profit from this nor to I make a cent out of this.


Everyone who is curious is welcome to this.



This is part of the legalisation campaign in part of changing the image.



For a long time the government has used grommet bongs as dirty items for propaganda campaigns... you will never see them try and pull it off with one of these.


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