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Medical Marijuana- Crank



well i've decided to make this blog so that people who are confused over the idea on medical marijuana for people who need it and not need it.


I personally need it to stop anemia and a few other problems, and I've decided to open up a photo gallery of my trips to hospital, blood tests, and surgery when I require it.


So far i've had six polyps out of my intestine caused by my illness, my intestine gets inflammed and there's nothing to take.


Normal anti-inflammatories actually make it worse, nurofen flares up the intestinal tract and rips it to shreds, panadol, same deal. My doctors advise me against taking other more powerful anti-inflammatories as the stronger they are the worse the reaction can be.


I am slowly but surely dying, and will require MRI's, endoscapies, colonoscapies, and barium meals on a routine basis.


Slowly but surely my insides are more and more sensitive to food types, and when I detox from THC, I loose weight rapidly, both muscle and fat.


There are other people out there such as myself and I want to show that there are some people out there who desperately need it. Without it I am literally disabled and cant even function or work for that matter.


In a few months when the tests are running again I will ask my doctors and surgeons if they can document and show my state of health in a photo diary.


I will also be providing blood tests, and medical notes, all of which scanned.


The only information which will be removed from the images will be the names of the doctors, hospitals, and my personal details.


I hope to one day be approved by the TGA before I die.


Note this is a sad and depressing blog, and I will not be asking anyone for help or aid nor do I wish to receive it.

My health is my own concern.


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Had a blood test today on my right arm, going to see the specialist on the 2nd of Feb.


probably a endoscapy is next will post actual results and scan them for everyone.

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I am going to prove that marijuana can be used to treat people who have serious cases of celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease.... (causes herpes all over your back and legs, not contagious). got a big one on my back the size of a dinnerplate.
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