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Busy Busy Busy



Well hello there all my Bloggy friends (special cheerz to rose who been here from the start)


well lets see whats going on so far hmmmm


the malawi gold has been harvested @ 12 weeks and have found that turning back the light hours to 11hrs on not 12 hours on seems what they need as the natural light around there area in the wild area of Africa get down to 11hrs of daylight in maturing stages (cheerz MM for the heads up)


so yeah here some pics sorry for the dodge pics they are from a phone cam not my usual cam

Right side of cab



Left of Cab



so as you can see im pretty dam happy with the result, they all hung up and drying now and cant wait to have a good tester smoke. woop woop



Ok so the bad ass berry is coming along nicely.... due to a small mistake on my behalf they copped the PK 13/14 abit too late so im guessing the yeild will be abit down but they still looking noice. They still have about 3 weeks to go so will put abit more weight on in that time but here they are now




Ok so the main room is firing along at da moment they getting a foliar feed ever second day and have just finished there dose of PK 13/14 so will be starting to put on weight from now on so yeah stay tuned and watch the show as i try and keep these buds from falling over lol :-)


Right side



Left side




Not the best shots this time but i promise better ones next time as will have more time


hope ya's all enjoy


cheerz :sdj:


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I'm really intrigued by the Malawi, it's a sativa tho isn't it?

I am definately going to have to put in on my 'One Day' list... ^_^


Loving the look of the Bad Ass Berry.


Incidentally what's the PK 13/14 sposed to do again? I mean, I realize it makes the buds fatten up, but how? why?



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They is lookin bewdyful already Stoney, you lil rippa :bongon:


I've definately stuck my hand out for more responsibility as far as growing goes... I love it and in the near future I want to raise my own lil superstars


*watch this*


*edit... I just noticed the date on this blog ^_-, so prob way popping now... got any more pics yet Stoney?



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