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Whats the earliest i can start my seeds this year

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Hi there.........


I live in South Oz and would like to know whats the ealiest time i could start my seeds this year ?


Im going overseas in late february 2006 and want to have my plants harvested by then.........


Its winter now in SA but when would be a safe time to plant again here........i was thinking the end of august since winter will be gone by then ?





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yeah do what wantda said.

However, if you have no access to lights etc, plant your seeds on sept. 1 and you may pull a small harvest by feb, maybe it won't be cured in time for you to leave.


If you did have lights (u can buy some cheap fluros), u could veg them under 18/6 and flower at 5 inches, (by putting outside). it would affect the yield of your plants by flowering small plants, but hey, if you need harvest...........

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Not many plants will flower over summer, usually that won't begin until late summer.


I would suggest you're asking a bit of your plants, perhaps with some sort of automated darkening system which draws a light-proof cover over the plants once they've reached about 12 hours light might help, but that could be a bit tricky.


Frankly, I think you're not going to do so well, but if you start seedlings early indoors, and give them a good head start, you can plant out in very late winter and perhaps get them going. They won't flower earlier necessarily, but would be larger by the equivalent time.


Anything below 5 degrees C is going to harm germination and plants growth, so you're quite restricted. Indoor growing would be your best bet.

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