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Fish in Hydro


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Just a question for those with fish tanks etc,

What level of PPM can most fish handle??


Why you ask? because when I went in to buy some clayballs today, this guy had gold fish in his flood and drain res.

They looked healthy as.


So I looked it up on the net when I got home and aparently alot of people have fish in their res, as they produce enough plant nutrients for a plant.


But like i guess I need to also be adding some mineral salts to the res, to up the amount of nutrients available.


Also what about old water out of my fish tanks? i wonder if this produces enough??

I remember the tropicals I had, we used to add salt to the water.


:scratchin :scratchin

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theres probably nutritional benifits with fish in hydro, and if the fish are living well its probably a good indicator the plants are i a healthy zone, i like a sterile grow enviroment so im curious about what sort of baceria or bug problems you might get,

id guess fish and weed might have a similar kill level for ppm.

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Ah damn stoner brain, I was thinking aquaponics as Aeroponics.


Your dead right its Aquapononics,


Yea apparently the fish need gravel in the res, which grows beneficial bacteria like biobugs sorta thing, and the other pests get eaten by the fish.

Or you can use a bio filter and bioballs etc, or even a filter system with the charcoal taken out.



looking interesting.

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hey f420,


have done lots of this mate in the past




Step 1)fish ie "Koi" eat food and release ammonia and phosphates into the water colum from there waste and also any uneatern food that deteriorates in the tank, also phosphates are in large concentration in tap water


Step 2)Usually friendly bacteria build up in the gravel (anaerobic bac) and the trickle filter (aerobic bac) and break the ammonia into nitrates.


Step 3)Plants take up nitrates and phosphates and remove them from the water


Step 4)Hole process starts over.


Normally you will need quite a few large fish in the tank to make enough waste for the plant to use.


This is a very,very simplified description of the process as you could write a hole book on the above subject.




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i cant remember the link.i read about 2 yr ago a swedish grower i think it was.he grew commercially and in large glasshouses.he had many catfish in his large resivoirs.bonus was fish grew fast and made money out of them(aqauriams).also produced beneficial plant elements as jackfrost stated but the great thing is catfish used were algae eaters.i think they broke algae down into nitrogen.im going from memory here.


actually i think it was a story in back issues of cannabis culture or hightimes.i just cant remember.if you can find it ferengi it will answer all your questions.

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