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CannaPorn Competition Details

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How do you enter :


Entering the competition is very simple , If you look in the gallery section of the site , you will see a menu called CannaPorn Under this menu you will see sub menu’s split up into months, simply find the relevant month folder and upload your image there, and we will take care of the rest 



How it is judged :


Out of all the images that are uploaded Oz Stoner and myself will pick what we think are the best 8 pictures , we will then Start a poll and ask members to vote for their favorite choice , the winner of the poll will then become the winner for the month and gets the first place prize ,

Because of the way that we are judging it and are allowing all the members to select the final winner , all entries submitted through out the month are added to to the FOLLOWING months competition , For example if you make an entry any time in July , you are in the running for the competition in August.



Winnings :


Their will be one winner for each month picked , and that winner will get the one prize available for the month , what the prize is will vary a bit from month to month but we will always do our best to make the prizes equivalent to each other, The actual prize will be announced in the post with the poll at the beginning of the month.

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