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New growroom new grow

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Since the last grow i've moved the growroom lock stock and aquafarm to the other spare room.

It now measures 2ft deep x 5ft wide x 7ft 9inchs tall, lined in mylar with one aquafarm a 4in intake and a single fan cooker hood for extraction.

In the farm are 2 definete alive and doing ok c99 a Generals Daughter ( which will be cloned) and one more c99 thats an experiment.

Nuits are Canna aqua veg then flower, the lights are on 18/6 as is the cooling fans attached to the reflector and extraction/intake. The dripper ring will be left on until they're cropped as is the added airstone in the lower tank.

The tank will be kept at 30 litres again from now til croppping, this is the best level i've found for a consistant drip feed.

In the next couple of weeks i'll be adding the carbon filter matting to the front of the extractor this gives a larger area to extract through and hopefully will work :scratchin

Think that about covers everything.

Now some pic's

post-4532-1119128859_thumb.jpgpost-4532-1119128901_thumb.jpg the GD is the one in front Not the one on the right front outside of the ring thats the experiment.

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sounds like your going to have a very nice grow indeed :thumbsup


i'd just be keeping an eye on that damage to the larger plant, another person had a plant that looked fairly simular and alot of members here thought it could have been an mj disease/virus doing the damage, if thats the case with your plant you'd be best starting over but lets hope thats not the case and its just nute burn or something not so major :peace:

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The slight discolouration on the plants i've put down to going from a 20w energy saver sat in hydroton and plain 8.5ph water for a couple weeks.

Then going straight into 1/2 - 3/4 strength nuits and 4 x 125w enviro's plus theres been a little spitting from the ring that sometimes causes slight burning to some leaves.

Most people wait for the clones to be a lot bigger before moving into the aquafarm, me i force 'em and will put into the farm with only a few longish roots.

Upto now i've not lost one yet, but there is always a first time, which would cause maybe a weeks delay as more clones are never far away.

Oh before i forget the lineage of the GD as far as i know is C99XG13 so should be a good alround effect.

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There's a fair ole amount of buddage appearing now, mostly on the Generals Daughter as she has taken over the growroom :reallyexcited:


There's 6 weeks still to go on the GD and 4 on the cindy99.

In the pic the GD is the one shown she's over shadowed the 2 c99 behind her so much you can't pick 'em out, even stood in the doorway.




There's 11 main cola's in all from the GD each measuring about 15 inchs from the bottom of the bud to tip, i'm expecting them to grow quite a lot yet in the next 6 weeks.



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Mmmmmm things are looking nice, i've been in and trimmed a lot of the fan leaves out the way to allow more light penetration. I actually found the c99 lingering at the back one was so small it wasn't worth keeping so she's outa there and in the freezer for a nice bit of ice hash making after i've finished cropping.............. in about 3 - 4 weeks for the cindy and 2 weeks longer for the GD.


post-4532-1122901194_thumb.jpg post-4532-1122901221_thumb.jpg


Seems to have stopped its upwards growth for now while it piles on the bud :thumbsup

Definetely decided to move upto a 400 hps for the next grow, which is gonna be something a little bit special, more on that in 6 weeks ish :scratchin

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I'm gutted to say due to a visit from the housing officer i've had to crop early by one week on the cindy and three on the GD, so yeild is gonna be well down as is quality.


But not to worry the next grow has been started, its from seed this time two different strains, but more on that once its going full steam :baaasmiley:

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