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how do u know what seeds are right for where u are

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Hi i hope i am in the right place this time. I have question for those in the know. How do i find out what will grow and where to grow ???? I am so confused i have found from all you lovely people out there where to look to find seeds that i can get to australia but now here is the problems i have how the hell am i to know what will grow here and what will not, bugger me easy to say go and look at the seed banks what is the point is when you have no idea what would be best for where u live. No wonder every time i have grown have ended up with damn bag seeds as i have no idea what will grow and what will not .


I live in queensland on the sunshine coast come on all you lovely wonderful people what do u think would be a good strain to start with ??? how do u know what is the best?? I am so confused just have no idea what would be the best to go for that will grow happly in a greenhouse. I just have too many to pick from god someone point the way please. I havent even heard of half the stuff out there how am i to work out what grows the best here in Queensland damn the problems of the lost confused lady.

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Im in brisbane and I have grown all sorts of strains here. you pretty much can grow anything.


It kinda comes down to how you plan to grow them, What sort of a high do you like?

and another factor how much $$ you have to spend on genetics.


I personal would suggest something in the Northern Lights family, or AK family.

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it all boils down to how much money you want to spend, how big the grow area is, if your going to be growing in soil or a hydro medium, if your going to suppliment natural light with artificial like a hps, etc. the more information you can give us about your area, what type of high you like + all of the above will give us a better understanding and will make it easier for us to help you B)
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In a greenhouse, i imagine an AK would go well. Also meant to be fairly easy to grow isn't it?


OzSkyz, most things will grow around there, it just depends what YOU want. keep in mind different types of seeds (sativa/indica) apart from growing differently (indica=short/sativa=tall) but will also give you a different stone (indica=couch-lock/sativa=heady/up). Just go and look up seeds looking at price, type, high and anything else your interested in, it will most likely grow (some plants are also easier to grow than others)

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thanks everyone for your help i know it was kind of a silly question but i have seen so many different types of seeds its so confusing to know what can and cant grow but from i have worked out from all you lovely people out there i shouldn't have to much problems with growing at all. The greenhouse has the lowest uv rating i could find so i know it will have heaps of light for growing plus i am putting plastic down the sides to help to make it humid know that pot does like that. And i think i'll look for something that is half&half so it doesn't get too tall not that it matters i have had to tie down before and it doesn't make much difference at all to the plant. Thank you everyone for all your helpful words of wisdom i will get some pictures and stuff once i am closer to spring right now i am just setting it all up ready to go. Show you all my finished greenhouse with babys hopefully. Well lovelys it's cone time for me enjoy everyone i am :bow :smoke
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