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Nutrient problems

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Problem solving time….


Two different plants not sure if it is the same problem or not; I am thinking iron deficiency (probably wrong). If not iron, my second guess is a mag deficiency. I am not sure how to fix either problem…


The is no necrosis, no purpling, all lower leaves are dark green.

Coco/perlite, hand watering using Advanced Nutrients Sensi grow 2part.

PH is between 5.5 – 6.5 (usually closer to 6)





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read Wantchronics link...that is how I narrowed down to Iron or Mag...but not too sure which is right...


The second one is the same distance from HID as another plant at the same height (same age too) that other plant is healthy and green... but I'll move it away for a few days to see if it helps... (is that whats considered leaching because of the light?)

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Have you tried giving them a flush with PH corrected water yet? A word of warning when using iron, it reacts in a negative way with your nutrients and should be run without them in your system, this means you will also have to flush your plants very well before using it. Mg (in Epsom salts) can cause a nutrient lockout if too much is added.


The second one looks like its been too close to a hid?
My thought too, what wattage light are you using and how close did you have it to the plants?



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i would flush them out with pH adjusted water 5.5-5.8 and try and keep those fluctuations down, it has probably locked out your nutes and fucked you over doing so :thumbdown


let them soak in water for like 30mins to an hour, then flush them out really, really well...after you have done that, give them a small dose of epsom salts in the water, i think 1/2 teaspoon to a litre is about right although i have no idea to be honest. after a day or 2, give them another small watering with like 1/2 strength nutes and hopefully everything should be back on track for you....


IMO its nute lockout because of those fluctuations in your pH level, probably wrong though :whistling

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already flushed, that was the first thing I thought to do....


PH fluctuations are fuckie for the plant? I mean...should the PH be damn close to the same each and every feed?


How often can a plant be flushed? I did it 3days ago, gave it a day to dry out then went back to feeds w/food.


Using 600w (too much I know) in a closet (250cm exhaust fan), the plants are about 18-20inches away, no heat felt when I place my hand at the top of the plant... Its sister is healthy, green and growing.

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your better off letting the Ph wander and flushing every 2nd week than adjusting it all the time.

Each time you adjust the ph your adding more and more nutrients to the mix.


What temps do the plants get in the growroom?

a 600 is a lot of heat for a small area, but that may not be the issue?

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