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Pan cooking ingredients?!

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I'm sure you've guys have answered this question a million times before.


But I havesome details I need worked out for some simple pan frying pot cooking :)!


My questions: Will non-hydrogenated margarine work? Will canola oil work? Which is the absolute best ingredient to use?


The reason I want to pan fry is I just want to make enough for two people, just kuz I want to try it first and get it right before I make a huge batch and possible waste pot.


Oh, and any other helpful hints would be welcome too.


thanks!! :reallyexcited:

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If you don't want to waste it, try making some Anzac biscuits with cannabutter, or some other thing that requires lots of butter and a low cooking temperature.


Pan frying is a bit sketchy as the temp can shoot up and destroy the THC. A slow simmered stew or meat sauce like bolognaise with fat in it (like meat, but not too fatty no one likes gristle) will do the job nicely.


As for how much, an ounce or two of leaf and stem will do well with a stick of butter, which will make a fair few cookies and each cookie is one serving, for a stew or meat sauce, the better ingredients you use the better the taste, but i would say getting the amount right would be a lot harder this way. I would think that a quarter for 500grams of meat would be too costly and would probably be a waste.


Go with the cannabutter Anzac bickies. :)

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Okay, and what exactly is an anzac biscuit? I've heard alot of people talking about them but i've never heard of em.


:) Are you an Aussie?


They are bickies that were made by Aussie mums for soldiers in WW1 that would survive the long postage trip. Google "ANZAC biscuit recipe butter", recipes vary so make sure you find one that has butter in it and get a few different ones to find the one that suits you. They should end up a bit chewy so don't overcook them to the point they are crunchy.

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They are pretty good, they taste a bit like golden syrup.


I would say they are a great biscuit for cooking with cannabutter because they cook at a fairly low temperature for a short time so they don't burn the THC off (THC is chemically changed at about 130-140 degrees) and they use a fair bit of butter. Those are the two main things you are looking for when cooking with cannabutter, low cooking temp and plenty of butter required for the recipe, so you can use any recipe that combines these two things to cook with cannabutter, eg: buttery cakes.

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