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Starting A Late Grow?

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In australia you would need a hothouse and some sort of light controll like a shading roof to sustain all year growth though Wallyduck was tell me about how great austrlia was for growing all year but they didi also mention that it wouldn't be achieved without a few man made structures/ devices and it is probably not a good idea to use a first grow to learn these things



you need to consider that chance of mould doubles ect when the colder climates come in

aswell , you can ofcourse try and get it going but expect to encounter some environmental problems imo


also isn't it wet season closer to the equator now or is it the otherways round , 9can never remember )

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Yeah you may be able to pop some seedlings up and get a mini grow going up there i reckon, nothing compared to the possibilities you could of had if you planted 9 months ago

You would be rolling in buds at this stage.

I am an outdoor grower and I left my plants way too late this year as I only got back to oz around november and planted them late that month and I just harvested a few weeks ago, and i felt i was too late but still got some good smoko.

If you wait 4-5 months then plant, you will really reap the benefits come april next year..

good luck

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