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Moving plants outside. Bad idea?

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Any Brissy growers out there that have had luck with moving plants outside this time of year? I've got three sativa testers that are starting week 7 in flower and are growing at varying heights. Two of them are similar enough to leave as they are and hopefully finish off in the next 3-4 weeks. The other one is a good 25 - 30 cm shorter but still well into flower. So my light distance is a bit fucked up but it doesn't seem to be making this one stretch and the bud is still nice and tight.


So is there any reason why I couldn't put that one outside to finish off, harvest the other two in the next 3 weeks or so and do a bit of maintenance on my grow room before putting down my next grow?


I've got four Shiva Shanti 2 seedlings that will be ready for vegging on 18/6 in about four weeks so you see my problem.....? :detective2:


This is what they looked like a couple of weeks ago.


Whaddya think? :devilred:


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Yeah, should be fine this time of year, provided your daylight hours in the part of Oz you live in has a photoperiod of similar hours to the 12:12 I assume you're flowering under. If you were to put the plants outdoors and the photoperiod outdoors was still say 14/10, you may have a little revegging, particularly in those strains from equatorial regions, like thais and columbian strains.


You'll also want to watch out for artificial lights outside potentially screwing with their cycle. Usually a small incandescent outdoors and a fair way away from the plants shouldn't destroy their flowering period, but some strains and plants are very sensitive to any light during their dark period. This far along in the grow though, you should be okay.


The only possible other problem may be that the plants will be quite susceptible to pest attack, as they've been in a pest free zone for such a long time. Careful checking of the plants which will be near the proposed outdoor site is a good idea, and spraying anything which may decide that your flowering lovelies are yummier than the feed they're currently getting is a good way of keeping the problem at bay.


Hope that helps, and good luck.

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